EuroSpeleo Forum 2018

Welcome Message from the Conference Organisers Dear Colleagues and Friends,the EuroSpeleo Forum (ESF) is Europe’s premier speleological event. Under the aegis of the European Speleological Federation, it is held once a year in a location selected by the delegates of the member nations.The 12th ESF will be held in Ebensee, Austria, on 23rd-26th August 2018. An estimated 500 people from nearly 30 countries are expected to attend to share the results of their latest exploration, research, and techniques. The Austrian Speleological Association in collaboration with the Speleological Society of Ebensee will host the ESF along with its annual convention for a truly spectacular affair.Under the motto „Speleology—Connecting Science“ , the congress will focus on the role of speleology as a bridge for different fields of science and knowledge. In addition, the Speleological Society of Ebensee is celebrating the 100-year jubilee of the exploration of the cave „Gassel-Tropfsteinhöhle“, today a show cave and known tourist spot near Ebensee.Come and experience Austria’s hospitality, unique culture and food, and be surprised by the wealth of our natural diversity, our caves, lakes and mountains. We are honoured and excited to host this wonderful event for the first time in Austria. Here is a summary of what to expect:

  • Beautiful venue near the lakeshore with hotels, apartments, dormitories and camping facilities
  • 500m² of indoor space for vendors and exhibitors
  • Talks and posters on the latest discoveries in cave science and exploration
  • Symposia on all aspects of speleology: geology, geography, zoology, botany, history, cultural anthropology, cave protection, cave research, cave rescue
  • Workshops and organisational meetings
  • Competitions and exhibitions in cave arts
  • Speleo-Olympic athletic competitions
  • EuroSpeleo ImageIn Film Festival
  • Caving day trips: simple, difficult, wet, dry, horizontal or vertical—something for everyone
  • Pre- and post excursions and field camps
  • Evening activities with live music
  • Free shuttle bus between the conference venuesWe are sure that it will be a unforgettable experience during your visit in Austria, and we hope to see you all there.Johannes Mattes(On behalf of the Conference Organisers)

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