The Seventh Balkan Photo contest „We And Caves”

Anton Yushko, Russia and Oleg Minnikov - Underground rain - Karelia, Russia
Anton Yushko, Russia and Oleg Minnikov – Underground rain – Karelia, Russia

The Balkan Speleological Union and

SC „PRISTA”- Ruse organize:

The Seventh Balkan Photo contest

We And Caves”

All speleologists and cave lovers are invited to send their photographs. Every contestant can participate with up to 6 photos (max. 3 in the two categories):

1. People Underground.

2. The Beauty of the Caves.

The Photographs must be sent by e-mail to we.and.caves(еt) until 31.05.2017. Parallel with the sending of photos the competitors should fill full the Entry form and apply it! Photos without Entry form are not accepted!

The photographs must be taken in 2016 and must have a title, author and place (the cave). The recommended volume of the digital files must be up to 4 MB, in JPEG or JPG format, and at least 1,600 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 1,600 pixels tall (if a vertical image).

By sending the photographs authors agree that they can be used by the organizers in exhibitions, posters, calendars, advertising materials for popularization of speleology.

The selection committee (consisting of 5 people) will select the winners: first, second and third place in every category. The best photographs will be awarded with charters and prizes (caving coveralls, bags etc. by the sponsor of the contest – “Landjoff”). The photographs from the contest will be exhibited during The Balkan Cavers Camp in August 2017 in Greece and in other Balkan countries.

For more information:

E-mail: we.and.caves(et), speleo.prista(et)