Bulgarian mini expedition in Kosovo

In  2016, Bulgarian caving Society  obtained  from the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Kosovo, one-year license for realizing speleological researches  in the country. Coordinator of the studies will be the Institute for Nature Conservation of Kosovo. At the suggestion of the Institute for the current year will be carried out comprehensive surveys of caves with special significance in 3 regions. On April 9, 2017 the project will start with an expedition to the area on the settlement Zatriq (Zatric). The  mini expedition is composed of A. Zhalov – leader, V.Gyorev, K.Danailov, H.Dundarova. Bulgarian group will be accompanied by Mr. Fadil Bajraktari – Director of the Institute of Nature Conservation of Kosovo and its collaborators. The main objective of the event is within the five days to carry out comprehensive research and mapping of the three caves and a precipice – the length and depth of 2 sites are not known.


Author Ben Njeri