Rediscovering the caves of Borino

Еventually we reached a tunnel which was flooded and unpassable, It was a little disappointing but still it didn’t get anyone down. All of us squeezed into a small room for some chat, photos and to plan our exit. Exiting the same way we knew what to expect, for myself it was a little hard going back, there seemed to be less air and the sand hill climbs were more difficult, still it was fun and we all managed to exit safely. On the walk back, close to where the vehicles were parked some of us stopped to explore one of the cliff faces we’d passed on the way in. Three of the more experienced guys climbed up as far as they could and did find a cave and I believe some other possible entry points, I was beat, lay on a rock watching them and taking some photos!After a quick bite to eat we hit the road and headed back to Rakitovo. It was a fantastic weekend that I thoroughly enjoyed, and it seemed everyone did. Good company, new experiences and some practical learning. I was very impressed how everyone looked after each other especially the younger members and we all worked as one.

Looking forward to the next adventure!

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