Darkness – X

Darkness – X the hole is known to a little older people because it has remained for many years within a well-enclosed private estate, the owners of which do not like anyone wandering around the terrain. In September 2016, with Valentine and Gogata, we sneaked to the opening. Valio stayed outside, and we and Gogata bound from tree to tree, and we released the first bell toe 35 meters, section 5 at 12 meters, a great start. Bottom of small stones. Behind me and front-walls 3 meters apart, in the left and right screes under 45 degrees of living stones. We drop the right side. In order not to damage the rope from falling rocks. His goggle clasped to an ear and made an improvised hanging on a higher rock bump. At the bottom, and there, I am struck by the thought that something might fall on top of us will always get to the funnel, and we are right there. We climb 2 meters up a narrow slit and, through a slight extension, we pass on a small two-square-meter site that can accommodate 4-5 people. Here we are in a safe place.
To the left, to a meter wide, in which I go down two meters down, because there is narrowing and it can go forward. After 4 meters, however, it sharply expands to a well-formed plume with a diameter of about 2 meters and a depth of 15 meters. I leave this for the next time and go back to the other branch, which enters into an impressive plinth measuring 8 in 10 meters and 25 meters to the bottom. On our small playground, we pitched two initial pitches and started down. Four meters lower and 3 meters to the right I hit another spot and hung in the plumb line …. Majestic and beautiful. Well, that’s why we go caves, find new things, and to be first.
I step on the bottom and see that behind me there is a threshold of about 4 meters, down another one and somewhere there after more than 15 meters the gallery continues to dash to the center of the globe, And my heart jumps with joy …. I’m going on the new sequel to classics, there’s no rope. A little risk of a small fall is part of the thrill underground, and I was not taught to „drop“ in the courses with my teachers: Hinko and Ivan Rashkov. In this descending gallery with 3-4 holes of 3-4 meters, I reach a small hut with many beautiful formations and Sandro ponds. After her, the sequel was narrowed to a height of 10 meters. I decided to attack the lower one and go down to the fireplace and a 4-meter plummet, and then I tried to crawl into a crackling crawl of all sorts of hot dendrites. I went back to the beautiful hall and climbed to the top of the cavarn. After 5 meters I decided that I had found a place in the next time, bringing a rope I could pull down. I threw a few stones and they splashed in water that seemed deep to me. The control time was approaching, and I went back to Gogh who was waiting for me in the big hall. We went into the upper world full of plans for the next coming to Dark – X.

Darkness - X
Darkness – X

Darkness – X Etropole m. „I spent a Day“
Second Penetration….
Gogata, Coco Lancev, Cezo Ostromski, Valentin, Stoyan and I.
Coco and Valio go down the left scree, Gogata takes the small plumb line. We with Stoyan and Cezo go to the bottom. 25 meters and we’re in the big hall. This time, instead of going down the threshold, we decide to go along a side road that will take us back below the first threshold.
If I ever have enemies, I’ll send them through this three-meter-old trickle, all tucked up with these hard formations like fishing hooks.

 Darkness – X, the hook with the hooks
Then down, second threshold…
Third threshold…
And „The Beautiful Hall“ Ceco stays here to shoot, and I go forward to the top of the vertical split and over that larger, I think, place I found the last time I stuck a stroke and walked down. Yes, but close. I struggled, tried pulled down the whole iron and only with top security, I took a breath, did not breath, kicked my foot under the crack in the wide, and then scratched up.
What kind of sweat…?
I was breathing and massaging my ribs to put them back into place.
And I’m looking two meters behind to a place, a little wider, if I do not get out of here. I disconnected the rope from the plate and Stoyan threw it over my shoulder for extra security. I exhaled in general, and I drank, and bottom beneath my back wall, and at the front ceiling. Having long legs helped me a lot. I passed it with a wide swing of a heel and a bulge in the ceiling at the front. I move 4-5 meters forward, and 2 meters below me water, like a pond 5-6 meters long, a meter wide and who knows how deep. Oh, my left leg is slipping and I slid down…
We fall, we do not get drunk. Continue. Right turn, left turn and vertical crack continues, but the fire is over, and I was hammering, sticking, and rapeling for 4 meters. They’re the lake. No need. I’m passing it 2 meters, throwing one ear on a seemingly stable 25 centimetre stalagmite and dropping three meters down below the loose jet of a micro water drop from a clean table. After another 5 meters ahead and 4 on the left, the cave ends. And to continue its way down. The pitch is 5 meters long and 20 to 25 cm wide. The downward slope is 50 cm to the meter, then it’s wide and deep, but my lantern gets tired and the light begins to fade. I had a rope and tried to sneak into several places, but I could not, I am very fat. Upstairs I draw a map, collect the rope, and I get to the place where I went down to the water. Here I was struck by the thought that this tiny two meters above me I could levitate through, or someone would pull me without helping with my feet in this bell (Dome). And then Valentine returned to the beautiful hall down the bend to the tricky narrows and picking it with the hammer … bah you rockworm, hence from here and from there, for an hour and a half we produced a miracle of mining and I managed to spend my relics on the other side. Ceco Ostromsky has made many pictures in the beautiful beach with beautiful formations.

 photo Tsvetan Ostromsky
photo Tsvetan Ostromsky

dark – x photo Tsvetan Ostromsky
Drawing the map. Before the big hall, we meet Gogata, who tells us how he dropped the other plumb line and a super narrow descent, that meandered beyond ten meters below the entrance of the entrance plumb line and had a connection through a slit up with the left scree and then went on and out to our part of the cave before the second threshold after the big hall.
Valio told him that with Coco they repelled a sandstone like wall gently so they would not roll down with the stones and after 18 meters they would reach a flat place 3 in 4 meters with shallow sink puddles on the floor. Then they climbed back with the bows over the rope, attached to a plate with an anchor on top. At 5 meters before the top of the scree to the left, there was an extension of 1 m, and a slump down through which a man with a rope could descend, and that was the connection with Gogata, on his way from the small plumb line to our gallery.
Bravo, we tied up and the plums, it’s one day now that we come to knock down the cramped downstairs and make the Cave Dark – X even deeper.

Darkness – X Gr. Etropole „Obiya Day“
Third penetration
7 May 2017
Gogata, Ceco Ostromski, Gerasim and I.
We go through the tricky narrows, and Gero also makes his way, which means that he should not be called anymore at this place. After the fire place above the water, however, Gero encountered a worthy opponent in the face of a slit through which he had to come out on the 4-meter plumb line but failed and gave up. With Ceco and Gogata we reached the last narrow, we drove two shifts and we dug quite a bit, but here we needed a lever a meter long and big hammer. Ceco as the finest tries to go through any way, but failed. He will come again.

Darkness – X Gr. Etropole „Obiya Day“
Final-Fourth Penetration
9 July 2017
George Vlaykov, Teodora, Peyo and I. Levels are a great deal. All critical places passed and we arrived on schedule. We carry a special lever, one meter long with a welded nut and rope tied, a 5-pound hammer and another 100-meter rope. Peyo stays upstairs, and we’re going to make the 200-meter hole. Before the ruffle „squeak“, which even went to Gero, I tied the rope and Georges goes with the bag forward to stretch a railing to a wedge over a 4-meter plumb line.
We have a woman in the team, and we have given her the honour of bringing the lever to the bottom. And the mummy is doing it, taking it down 100 m under the ground, dragging it through the tight and just praising it, something jingle, jangle, flip, and a dark, still silence filled with a terrible feeling … So we lost the leash 10 meters before the finish. We gathered the three of us down to find out that this jerk (obstruction) without a lever had been broken and there was no further passage. We released Joro as the most elegant to try. How it does not hurt the man – it does not happen… Then, he decided to try a little further. He made a difficult horizontal transition under that hump, and said that, in fact, it was only our problem. And when we selected it on both sides with the cave hammer, it turned out that it was not a main rock, but a hard crust, with clay below. Well, just a bark, but 6-7 centimeters thick and without a big swing, it looks like a tiger armour. There are ricocheted after ricochet. But what are 5-6 cm, stone in front of the 5 kilogram beast and two tireless idiots. It’s like that crap, „Caveman, hammer, and shit you broke.“ Right here I missed the chisel … I have no words…. For an hour, we moved a bit, we would have a dowel, and Georges crossed into the afterlife. And began one: to know how beautiful it is. It is full of formations, witch, how many oysters, all over the wall, a, I found the shit. From one to one with Theodora the score again made her a sole leader in the black rankings. And another good news: there is another plank, and more than 20 meters and bad news: Georges, in turn, drops my cave hammer into the new plumb line. And it is not just a hammer, but a prototype of my great invention, and a sticky grief. Only Teddy must flourish internally, and another has lost inventory. We collect the three below. Beautiful Hall 4 to 6 meters. Here is a large group of ribs that ring in almost two octaves. You get caught when you start to knock them. At one end there are small sultry puddles with cave pearls, Some of them being ideal brown spheres, quietly lying in their beds, Georges tied the rope for two strong stalagmites, which fortunately today did not turn out as slippery as I would not want to be.
A bell in a 4-meter wide well 24 meters and a bottom, but as I say bottom, fuck, that’s no chance for a further sequel. By now, many hopes have died here.
But, George found my favourite hammer. The skunk remained with Teddy, but I am a cavalier, and the lake with the lever I will call it „Theodora“ – to celebrate her name. In this room everything is made of clay Even the beautiful formations, dragonflies, stalagmites, semi-dendritic dendrites, and again oysters. Apparently in this darkness – X, they are the trademark.