CAVE SURVEY Bulgarian mapping software

Bulgarian mapping software

Mapping of caves is one of the main tasks of speleology. The widespread perception of this activity is that it is a slow, difficult and complex process, and the result is many times either inaccurate or wrong.
With the development of the new technologies, the speleologists from SK Paldin decided to correct this, creating the first Bulgarian application for mapping only with the help of a laser ruler and a smartphone with Android.
Their objectives are: – to be close to a common method (classical segment mapping) – to improve / facilitate the process; – not require a large financial investment;
With the Cave Survey application, you can quickly and easily capture data from each cave and draw the map out. The other benefits of the software are that: – the measurement table is ready at any one time without having to read the memos; – a simple polygon map is available and rough mapping errors can be made; – the available phone features can be used to enter a note, sketch, capture, or save the GPS position at the entrance.
How it works?
With laser ruler, you can measure all the distances. The values ​​are automatically filled in the table. Unfortunately, the slope sensor is up to + -60 ‘, but the steeper passages can be mapped as plots or points to be translated. Reading measurements through the compass of the phone is also automated. You can use the lazer pointer, but you have to be careful because they are influenced. In case of doubt or lack of the above extras the values ​​can be entered manually. At any time, you can add a description, sketch, shoot. At any time, you can see how the cave galleries develop, notes can be made directly on it. Once we have finished working on the SD card, we have a folder with the export to Excel data, all the pictures and sketches. Importing collected data into one of the usual programs is a matter of minutes. And the ready map can be drawn at home.
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